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Private International Psychological Practice

My office has 2 locations: Raamweg 4, The Hague ans Spoorlaan 72 in Leiden, and is comfortable and confidential.
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Mental Health Psychologist & Couples Therapist

Everyone experiences challenges in life that at some point may lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. I believe that everyone is capable of living a quality life and I am dedicated to helping my clients create that life. I offer individual, couple, and family therapy designed to address issues. Life happens to everyone, when dealing with everyday life stressors, you can Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise, allow me to help you!

Therapy & Counseling

Executive coaching

Marriage counseling

I absolutely love what I do

Private international psychological practice has two locations where all work done with pleasure and dedication. I was educated in Canada, UK, Ukraine, and Netherlands. I enjoy working with multi-cultural and diverse popluations and have been helping clients in a variety of settings. My reward comes from helping clients to understand and process the problem, eliminate it, or find workable solutions to function within the situation.<br />

Finding place for your past

I provide a non- judgemental environment for you to share, learn and discover your true self. I am passionate about the therapeutic process and enjoy walking with you down the road of self discovery. Become who you are meant to be. I would be honored to walk beside you as you face your fears. . .

Imagine what your life would be like if you could respond to situations appropriately instead of reacting! You being in charge of your emotional state is only one of the benefits from our therapy work together. Whether you have a specific problem you need help with or a more complex emotional issue, we work together to find therapeutic solutions that are best for you.

Support and Care
Emotional Relief
Proper Treatment

Your amazing goals

I believe in promoting open communication, restoring trust in one's self, and utilizing effective coping skills. Sometimes you might find that the relationships in your life just aren't living up to your expectations. Maybe it's the relationship with your significant other or with your boss or coworkers. It could be with friends or family members that you find the relationships missing something crucial. Perhaps the relationship you have with yourself is the one that's critical and condescending. I believe that so many of our struggles revolve around a present unhappiness in a key relationship in our lives. The wonderful part is...it doesn't have to stay that way!

high self-esteem

great confidence





Taya helped me through the most difficult and confusing time of my adult life. Since then, she has continued to help me learn, clarify, and believe things about myself that have made me a more confident and complete person – OliverĀ 
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Unique global experiences

I believe we are all born with the innate ability to be great. . . the greatest version of ourselves. We fall, we fail, but we continue to thrive to be a healthy and productive member of society. With the help of the resources available to us, we choose a goal and work towards it, one step at a time. As a part of my experience, I have done a lot of work with anger management, depression, anxiety/panic, communication skills, trauma/abuse histories and different disorders. My experience is unique in that I have lived and worked in many countries in our world, including Africa, Middle East, Europe, Switzerland and I combine my experiences of being expat myself with my various psychological education ( MSc) with additional courses and training.

Remember: doing what you have always done will only grant you the same results. If you’re ready for change, send an email to schedule your confidential appointment today. I look forward to meeting & working with you soon.