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Expat Psychologist is independent Private International Psychological Practice with a qualified and experienced Psychologist. The practice is committed to delivering quality services that are reliable and professional, and provide independent assessments, therapy, specialist (trauma ) intervention, individual coaching, training, consultancy and executive coaching. "


As a professional therapist , I combine my skills with empathy &  warmth. I help people who are experiencing distress or stress either in their personal lives, in their relationships, in their families or in their career. As well I provide effective treatments for a range of problems, issues and difficulties. These include depression, anxiety, panic, stress, grief and loss, sleep, relationship and marriage problems, behavioral issues with children, parenting and much more. I am a psychologist who is a non-judgmental listener who can provide a different perspective on your problems.  


In the individual coaching you will work together with individual Coach and specific tailored to your needs approach. The advantage compared to a group training is that the training is more intensive and focused on the person. You also get more personal feedback so you can get more out of your workout and increase self-awareness through self-reflection. 


Employees who respond positively to coaching and improve their performance can become valued contributors to the success of the business.Coaching will help employees who are effective contributors improve and become even more effective contributors. Done well, coaching can help any employee continuously improve their skills, experience, and ability to contribute.

I am a Psychologist & experienced Executive Coach in my practice in Leiden & The Hague. I studied psychology (Master`s degree) and it is my passion. A mental health profesional that committed to helping people stay mentally well. My area of expertise is the mind and the way it affects behavior and well-being. 

Taya Slobodjaniuk - Expat Psychologist